Grade 9 (Senior 1) Science

A Foundation for Implementation

An online posting of revised Clusters 1 through 4 for Senior 1 Science with additional Appendices of Student Learning Activities and Teacher Support Materials.

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Senior 1 Science: A Foundatioan for Implementation

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Specific Sections:

Title Page and Acknowledgements (51 KB)
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Introduction (53 KB)
Manitoba Foundations For Scientific Literacy (71 KB)
Implementation of Senior 1 Science (48 KB)
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Cluster 1: Reproduction (166 KB)
Cluster 2: Atoms and Elements (172 KB)
Cluster 3: The Nature of Electricity (270 KB)
Cluster 4: Exploring the Universe (199 KB)

Appendices of Student Learning Activities:
Reproduction (56 KB)
Atoms and Elements (740 KB)
Nature of Electricity (212 KB)
Exploring the Universe (339 KB)