Physical Education/Health Education

A Foundation for Implementation

Fitness Management
Fitness Management
Personal/Social Management
Personal/Social Management
Healthy Lifestyle Practices
Healthy Lifestyle Practices

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Kindergarten to Grade 4 Physical Education/Health Education: A Foundation for Implementation

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Grade Specific Blackline Masters (MS-Word files) Clipboard
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A: Physical Activity Categories (17 KB)
B: Suggestions for Planning Overall Implementation (8 KB)
C: Programming for Students with Special Needs (100 KB)
D: Suggestions for Yearly Planning (23 KB)
E: Unit Planner (34 KB)
F: Lesson Planner (20 KB)
G: Information Related to Planning for Assessment of Learning Outcomes (40 KB)
I: Glossary (24 KB)

Framework Excerpts

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K-S4 General Learning Outcomes (53 KB)
Kindergarten Specific Learning Outcomes (64 KB)
Grade 1 Specific Learning Outcomes (66 KB)
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Grade 4 Specific Learning Outcomes (62 KB)

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