International and Heritage Languages

Grade 7 to Grade 12 German Language and Culture

A Foundation for Implementation

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Grade 7 to Grade 12 German Language and Culture: A Foundation for Implementation

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Acknowledgements (35 KB)
Introduction (43 KB)
Implementation Overview (72 KB)
Achieving the Learning Outcomes (99 KB)
Grade 7 (377 KB)
Grade 8 (307 KB)
Grade 9 (357 KB)
Grade 10 (349 KB)
Grade 11 (304 KB)
Grade 12 (295 KB)
Teaching and Learning German Language and Culture (471 KB)
Classroom Assessment (295 KB)
Planning for Instruction and Assessment (36 KB)
Planning Tools (72 KB)
Grade 7 Sample Plan: The Family and Family Celebrations (13 KB)
Grade 9 Sample Plan: Health (13 KB)
Grade 12 Sample Plan: Wohnungen in Deutschland (13 KB)
Appendices (59 KB)
Appendix A: Glossary (63 KB)
Appendix B: Sample List of Text Forms (28 KB)
Appendix C: Annotated List of German Langauge and Culture Websites (84 KB)
Appendix D: Areas of Experience (40 KB)
Appendix E: Global List of Strategies (37 KB)
References (52 KB)

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