Curriculum Essentials - Mathematics

Curriculum Essentials


The Mathematics Curriculum Essentials group the grade level learning outcomes into the learning targets which were developed from the Glance Across the Grades document.

The documents can be viewed online or printed. The interactive PDFs link to provincial curriculum documents.

The Grade at a Glance page contains two parts. The yellow arrow at the top of the page highlights the mathematical processes that are central to the curriculum and permeate the teaching and learning of mathematics. The second part of the Grade at a Glance page provides the quick overview of specific learning outcomes at each grade level. The specific learning outcomes are clustered together into learning targets so that the curriculum is easier to navigate making planning meaningful and efficient.

The Mathematics Curriculum Overview offers a more detailed description about the expectations at each grade level organized around these same learning targets. A legend in the lower right corner explains the meaning of the different symbols (arrows and squares) that are used to demonstrate the teaching continuum of outcomes and concepts across the grades. The symbols can help in identifying what is foundational to future understanding and where further learning to address gaps may be needed.

The yellow band on the second page connects the report card mathematics categories to the provincial curriculum. The yellow band of the interactive PDFs link to provincial report card documents.

The third page contains a summary of each of the mathematical processes that are the vehicles that empower children to engage in thinking mathematically and doing mathematics. These processes should permeate the teaching and learning of mathematics.

The Glance Across the Grades: Kindergarten to Grade 9 Mathematics (Abobe PDF Document 2.08 MB) resource is a compilation of the outcomes into suggested categories or learning targets. These learning targets sort the outcomes and allow teachers to preview the outcomes across grade levels. This can enable teachers to differentiate teaching within each strand of the curriculum.

The document contains big ideas which are located under each learning target. These big ideas are statements of an idea that is central to the learning of mathematics and makes instruction purposeful. Using the big ideas within the Glance Across the Grades document can be a central focus for professional discussion and action related to classroom practice.