Career Development

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Note: As websites and their URLs frequently change or expire, some of the websites listed below may no longer be active or have the same content as when they were initially included in the list. Please use a search engine to find current and relevant sites.

Grade 12 Career Development: Life/Work Transitioning

Unit 1: Personal Management

1.A.2 Personal Profile of Interests, Skills, and Values

CareerOneStop, “Toolkit”

Keirsey Temperament Sorter

Who Do U Want 2B Quiz

1.A.3 Protective Factors of Personal Resiliency

Resilience Research for Prevention Programs, Protective Factors in Individuals, Families, and Schools: National Longitudinal Study on Adolescent Health Findings Adobe PDF Document

1.A.4 Life Principles for Success

Stephen R. Covey

Seven Aboriginal Teachings

1.B.1 Effective Personal Management Skills

Mind Tools (for problem solving, stress management, time management, etc.)

1.C.1 Adapting to Change and Stress

Canadian Mental Health Association, Stress

WebMD, Health and Balance

1.C.2 FISH! Philosophy System as a Management Strategy

FISH! Philosophy


Unit 2: Career Exploration

2.D.1 Identifying Resources for Occupational Information - Realities and Requirements of Occupations

Manitoba Growth, Enterprise and Trade, Labour Market Information (LMI) and Labour Mobility

Government of Canada, Job Bank

High Demand Careers

Manitoba Career Prospects

Apprenticeship Manitoba


Universities Canada

Community and Technical Colleges in Canada

Manitoba Education and Training, “Adult Learning and Literacy”

Government of Canada, Job Bank, Quick Work Preference Inventory

2.E.1 Society’s Impact on Labour Market Trends

2.E.2 Factors Having an Impact on the Labour Market

Economic Analysis and Statistics, Economic Research

2.E.3 The Importance of Work, The Job Center: Knowing It’s Important

2.F.1 Balancing Life/Work Roles

Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS), “Work/Life Balance”

Statistics Canada, “Study: Workaholics and Time Perception”

2.G.1 Eliminating Gender Bias and Stereotyping

Canadian International Development Agency, Gender Equality Policy and Tools Adobe PDF Document

James Crawford, University of Saskatchewan, “Media, Stereotypes and the Perpetuation of Racism in Canada”

Examining Stereotypes through Self-Awareness

2.G.2 Advantages and Disadvantages of Traditional and Non-traditional Occupations

Quintessential Careers, “Non-Traditional Career Paths for Men and Women”


Unit 3: Learning and Planning

3.H.1 Learning Strategies for Improving Academic Skills

Learning style inventories are available on websites such as the following:

University of Utah School of Medicine, Barsch Learning Style Inventory Adobe Icon

Valencia College, Barsch Learning Style Inventory

3.H.2 Positive Attitudes for Life/Work Success

Janet R. Elgass, “A Good Attitude is an Asset in Personal, Professional Life”

3.H.3 The Value of Lifelong Learning

Journal of Information Technology Education, “The Lifelong Learning Iceberg of Information Systems Academics–A Study of On-going Formal and Informal Learning by Academics” Adobe PDF Document

Jidaw Systems Limited, “Don’t Become a Dinosaur”

Canadian Council on Learning, Measuring Canada’s progress in lifelong learning” Adobe PDF Document

3.H.4 Planning Long-Term and Short-Term Educational/Training Goals

Mind Tools, Personal Goal Setting

Top Achievement, Goal Setting: Powerful Written Goals in 7 Easy Steps

3.I.1 Impact of Personal Decisions on Self and Others

Free Management Library, Problem Solving and Decision Making

3.I.2 Financial Planning for Personal Career Goals

Work BC, “Student Budgeting”

Manitoba Workforce Development, Manage Your Apprenticeship

Money and Youth: A Guide to Financial Literacy

Manitoba Education and Training, “Manitoba Student Aid (MSA)”


Unit 4: Job Seeking and Job Maintenance

4.K.1 Essential Skills

Government of Canada, Guide to Essential Skills Profiles

Canadian Career Development Foundation, Downloadable Resources

Essential Skills Manitoba

4.K.1 Employability Skills

The Conference Board of Canada, Education and Learning (includes link to Employability Skills 2000+)

4.K.3 Personal Marketing Documentation

Quintessential Careers, Personal Career Branding and Self-Marketing Tools for Job-Seekers and Career Activists

Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, Creative Job Search

Careers OnLine, Job Seeker’s Workshop, “Job Search: Using the Internet in Your Job Search”

4.K.4 Interview Skills

Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, Creative Job Search: The Job Interview

The Balance: Career Planning, “The Job Interview”

Quintessential Careers, Free Sample Behavioral Interview Questions for Job Seekers

Ann Bezbatchenko, “College Admission Interviews: Putting You with Your Name”

4.K.5 Volunteering as a Strategy for Job Search and Personal Development

Volunteer Canada

Volunteer Manitoba

Manitoba Education and Training, “MB4Youth”

4.K.6 Understanding Employment Standards for Manitobans

Manitoba, The Employment Standards Code

Government of Canada, Canada Business Network, “Employees”

Manitoba Labour and Immigration, A Quick Guide To Employment Standards Adobe PDF Document

4.K.7 The Labour Movement in Manitoba

Winnipeg General Strike

4.K.8 Student Workplace Safety and Health

Safe Work

Safe Workers of Tommorrow, Student Resource Book

Safe Workers of Tommorrow, Teacher Information


Unit 5: Career and Community Experiences

5.D.2 Duties and Responsibilities for Community Placement

Finding Work in Manitoba

Manitoba Career Prospects

Apprenticeship Manitoba


Universities Canada

Set Your Course Manitoba

5.D.3 Community Placement Interview

Monster, Interviews

5.D.4 Revisions to Transition Plans and Career Portfolios

Manitoba Education, A Self-Managed Career Portfolio Guide

UVic Co-operative Education Program & Career Services, Portfolios