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Grade 11 Career Development: Life/Work Building

Unit 1: Personal Management

1.A.3 Behaviours and Attitudes
that Facilitate Achievement of Goals

Careers of Famous Canadians

Tilly, Meg, “Meg Tilly”

Lemieux, Mario
Hockey Hall of Fame, “Mario Lemieux Biography”

Twain, Shania
Country Music Television, “Shania Twain Biography”

Athabasca University, Canadian Writers, “Michael Ondaatje

Bondar, Roberta
Diane Farris Gallery, “Roberta Bondar”

Trent University, “Dr. Roberta Bondar Appointed Chancellor of Trent University”

1.A.3 Resiliency/Protective Factors

Center for Mental Health in Schools at UCLA

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Growing Up Resilient: Ways to Build Resilience in Children and Youth


1.B.3 Personal Management Skills

Time Management
Total Success, “Newsletter: Time Management”

Problem Solving
Free Management Library, “Problem Solving and Decision Making”

Stress Management
HealthLinkBC, “Stress Management”

1.B.6 Financial Aid Resources

Education and Training, “Manitoba Student Aid”

Government of Canada, “Education planning”

Government of Canada, “Student Financial Assistance”

Universities Canada, “Scholarships and Internships for Canadian Students”

Manitoba Education and Training, “STEP Services”


1.C.1 Personal Communication Skills

Mind Tools, “Communication Skills–Start Here”

1.C.3 Coping with Stress

HealthLinkBC, “Stress Management”

Coping with Stress Quiz, “Coping & Stress Management Skills Test”

Vulnerability Quiz
“Your Stress Resilience Quotient (SRQ)”

Resiliency Quiz
Resiliency Quiz—How Resilient Are You?


Unit 2: Career Exploration

2.D.1 Sources of Occupational Information

Manitoba Career Prospects

Manitoba Growth, Enterprise and Trade, “Labour Market Information (LMI) and Labour Mobility”

Centre for Aboriginal Human Resource Development Inc. (CAHRD)

2.D.2 Occupational Families or Ladders

Government of Canada, “National Occupational Classification”

Government of Canada, Job Bank

2.D.3   Realities of Work

ECO Canada, Environmental Careers Organization

Edge Interactive, “”

Manitoba Workforce Development "Apprenticeship Manitoba"

Canadian Forces

Alberta Learning Information Service (ALIS), “Occupational Resources”

2.D.4 Occupational Information Interviews

Quintessential Careers, “Questions to Ask at the Informational Interview”

Library and Archives Canada, “Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online”

2.D.5 Self-Employment versus Salaried Employee

Community Learning Network, “Entrepreneurship Theme Page”

The Balance: Entrepreneurs


2.E.1 Global Trends Have a Local Impact

Government of Canada, Job Bank

Manitoba Families, “Annual Reports”

International Labour Organization, “Global Employment Trends” Adobe Icon

Report on High Demand Occupations in Manitoba, January 2007

Manitoba Career Prospects

2.E.2 Importance of Work

University of Minnesota, “The Job Center: Knowing It’s Important”


2.G.1 Definitions of Non-traditional Work

Quintessential Careers, “Non-Traditional Career Paths for Men and Women”

2.G.1 Challenges of Non-traditional Work

Canadian Human Rights Commission


Unit 3: Learning and Planning

3.H.1 Strategies for Lifelong Learning

Infed, “Lifelong Learning”

3.H.2 High Five Plus One Principles

Manitoba Education and Training, Focus on the Future: Career Planning Begins at Home

3.I.2 Transition Planning

Report on High Demand Occupations in Manitoba, January 2007

Apprenticeship Manitoba

3.I.3 A Back-Up Plan

Statistics Canada, “Labour Force Survey”

Government of Canada, Job Bank

ECO Canada, Environmental Careers Organization

Edge Interactive,

Manitoba Workforce Development, Apprenticeship Manitoba

Canadian Forces

Alberta Learning Information Service (ALIS), “Career Planning”

3.J.1 Setting Goals for Life/Work Building

Seneca College, “Career Services for Students”

3.J.3 Purpose and Content of a Career Portfolio

UVic Co-operative Education Program and Career Services, “Portfolios”

Manitoba Education and Training, A Self-Managed Career Portfolio Guide


Unit 4: Job Seeking and Job Maintenance

4.K.1 Evaluating Personal Qualities for Work

Robert Webb, “Motivation Tool Chest”

4.K.5 Understanding Workplace Safety and Health

The Workplace Safety and Health Legislation


Safe Work Manitoba Resources

Safe Workers of Tomorrow Resources

4.K.6 Employment Standards for Manitoba Employees

Manitoba Growth, Enterprise and Trade, A Quick Guide to Employment Standards


4.K.7 Purpose of Labour Unions

Manitoba Federation of Labour

4.K.9 Job Applications

Quintessential Careers, “Sample Employment Application Form” Adobe Icon

“A Job-Seeker’s Guide to Successfully Completing Job Applications”

City of Winnipeg, “Human Resources—Careers”

4.K.9 Resumés

University of Manitoba Career and Employment Services, Resumés Adobe Icon

The Balance: Job Searching, “Resumé Examples and Writing Tips”

Manitoba Education and Training, “Job Preparation Resources”

4.K.9 Cover Letters

Seneca College, “Cover Letter Writing Help”

4.K.9 Interviews

Manitoba Education and Training, “Preparing for the Interview: Common Interview Questions, Purpose and Suggestions”

Quintessential Careers, “Job Interviewing Tutorial for Job-Seekers”

Monster Career Advice, “Interviews”


Unit 5: Career and Community Experiences

5.D.2& Career Research Interviews

Government of Canada, “National Occupational Classification”

Government of Canada, Job Bank


5.J.3 Reflection on Career and Community Experience and Integration of Experience to Life/Work Plan

UVic Co-operative Education Program & Career Services, “Portfolios”