Assessment and Evaluation

Physical Education/ Health Education

How do you determine an overall grade for PE/HE when two teachers are involved; one for PE and one for HE?

Instructional time in Physical Education (PE) and Health Education (HE) is compulsory for Kindergarten to Grade 8 and includes 75% time allotment for PE and 25% for HE. The final overall mark for PE/HE in Grades 7 and 8 could then be distributed in the same way: 75% for PE (possibly 50% for Movement and 25% for Fitness Management) and 25% for Healthy Lifestyle Practices. The emphasis reflected in grading for the interim report cards may differ to reflect classroom emphasis for that period of time. For example, one term may focus more heavily on health. Teachers are expected to collaboratively determine the overall mark and provide appropriate comments.

What mark should be entered for Grades 11 and 12 PE/HE on the interim report card?

"IN" is used as the term grade in the interim report card.