Community Schools Program

Reports and Research Studies

Cover image of the Community Schools Program Report - October 2015 to December 2015The Community Schools Program Report: October 2014 to December 2015 (Adobe Icon 437 KB)
This report is intended to fulfill the reporting requirements of the legislation. It covers the Community Schools Unit’s first year of year operation from October 2014 to October 2015. Over the initial year of its operation, the Unit carried out a number of activities in support of the Community Schools Program, including fulfilling all of the requirements outlined in The Community Schools Act.

Cover image of the J.C. Nalle Community School: A Study of a School Turnaround EffortJ.C. Nalle Community School: A Study of a School Turnaround Effort (Adobe Icon 1.79 MB)
This report of evaluation findings begins with an introduction to the J.C. Nalle Community School, including information on its background and history, student and family demographics, the circumstances leading up to the formation of the J.C. Nalle-Freddie Mac Foundation-National Center for Children and Families partnership, and the services offered through the partnership. Next, it discusses the results of the outcomes evaluation, describing the methods employed, patterns of achievement findings for J.C. Nalle students versus the matched comparison group, and implications of these findings. Following this discussion, the report focuses on the results of the implementation study, including an overview of the methods employed, stakeholder perspectives on the improvement of student outcomes, and the various challenges faced by the school. The report concludes with a summary of all findings and their implications for sustained and expanded improvements.