Community Schools Program

Community Schools Unit

Community Schools Unit is part of Manitoba Education and Training’s Indigenous Inclusion Directorate. The Unit is responsible for:

  • Providing support and assistance to participating community schools.
  • Recommending schools to the Minister that may be designated as participating community schools.
  • Assisting community connectors, liaisons, support workers in facilitating and coordinating the provincial services and resources that are available to support students, families and schools.
  • Organizing and providing professional development opportunities for Program and Network Schools.
  • Coordinating and maintaining a community schools network.
  • Working with other levels of government, residents and community stakeholders on matters related to community schools.
  • Developing an inventory of community and government resources to support schools.
  • Supporting the work of the Deputy Ministers’ Committee on Community Schools.
  • Supporting and consulting with the Advisory Committee on Community Schools.

Staff Contacts

Dawn Wood
Coordinator, Community Schools Unit
Telephone: 204-945-0014

Winona Swampy
Administrative Assistant
Telephone: 204-945-7886
Fax: 204-948-2010
Toll free: 1-800-282-8069, ext. 7886

Dino Altieri
Assistant Director, Indigenous Inclusion Directorate
Telephone: 204-945-6181