Building Student Success with Indigenous Parents

Background and Funding

In the 2023/24 Funding of Schools Booklet, it was announced that funding for Building Student Success with Indigenous Parents (BSSIP) would increase by $400,000 for a total of $1 million in project funding. Fifty sites have qualified to receive BSSIP funding in the amount of $20,000. Sites have qualified based on socio-economic indicators to estimate the number of Indigenous students in need per school, as determined by the proportion of families with low income in a school catchment area, school migrancy rates collected from school divisions, and voluntary Indigenous (self-declared) student enrollment. In the Spring of 2024, qualifying sites will submit project plans utilizing Mamàhtawisiwin Tools for Reflection, Planning and Reporting.

BSSIP planning and budget templates for 2024/25 can be found here:

Project budgets outlining proposed expenditures for 2024/25 should include such potential items as Human Resources (specifying role and salary), Honoraria, Professional Development, Material Resources, and other costs such as food, travel, etc. Sites must also reflect upon how Indigenous parents, families, and/or caregivers will be involved.

Each site will provide an annual financial and program report to the Indigenous Inclusion Directorate in October of each year of funding.