A Grade 4 Interdisciplinary Early Years Multimedia (IEYM) Unit for Teachers

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The Interdisciplinary Early Years Multimedia (IEYM) Unit "Community and Diversity" blends Literacy with Information and Communication Technology (LwICT) with the study of Manitoba's geography and its diverse communities. The curricular areas of English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies are integrated in the thematic concept-based learning of the unit. Aboriginal Perspectives and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) are incorporated in the learning experiences. Both students and teachers will enjoy the opportunities provided in the unit for inquiry, decision making, problem solving, and community building.

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Components of the Community and Diversity Unit

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Ongoing Learning Experiences (OLEs)

OLEs are daily, weekly, and monthly learning experiences that begin in September and continue throughout the school year.

Introductory Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Learning Experiences

Students and educators use the ICT learning experiences if they need to familiarize themselves with specific skills and processes that will later be used within the interdisciplinary units. These learning experiences are focused around curricular topics and/or tasks relating to the units.

Unit Modules
The modules, beginning with The Big Picture, consist of learning experiences that scaffold the learning for students and prepare them to create their cumulative/culminating performance task.

The Big Picture

Module 1: Exploring Community and Diversity

Module 2: Interacting with Community and Diversity

Module 3: Valuing Community and Diversity

Module 4: Celebrating Community and Diversity

Appendix A:
Essential Understandings and Guiding Questions

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Appendix B:
Curriculum Outcomes and Literacy with ICT Continuum Descriptors

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Appendix C:
Index of Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Strategies

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BLMs and TBLMs
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