Safe and Caring Schools


Parents  have the greatest influence in the lives of their children. Collaboration among home, school and community is imperative. The connection between students and the multiple systems that surround them, including parents/family, school, and community strengthens opportunities to build a foundation of caring that will support the problem-solving process when issues are identified, or incidents occur.

If your child is having difficulty feeling safe and connected at school, it is important that you communicate and collaborate  with the school team to resolve the issue promptly. Solutions are identified and safety is restored when we look through a lens of strengths and possibilities.

The recommended communication protocol with the school involves the following:

  1. Listen to your child to determine the issue’s severity and identify his/her needs.
  2. Contact your child’s teacher and/or school counsellor to seek solutions. Ask how you can be a part of the solution. The teacher or counsellor may report to and involve the principal if the incident warrants.
  3. If the issue is not resolved, contact your school principal to discuss the concerns.
  4. Together collaborate to problem-solve and seek a positive resolution. It may be helpful to ask the school principal if there are divisional  or community resources that could assist in a resolution.
  5. If a resolution is still not found, or you are dissatisfied with the school response, contact your school division’s Superintendent to explain your experience and request a resolution.
  6. If the problem still has not been resolved, contact the Board of Trustees of your school division. Your elected school trustees can assist you with this process.

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