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Parents and Caregivers

Parents and caregivers have the greatest influence in the lives of children and youth. When a child or youth is experiencing conflict in a relationship, changes in their friendships, or are dealing with incidents that involve bullying behaviours, emotions are naturally heightened. Anxiety created by news events of serious bullying incidents that contributed to suicide, or fear related to exploitation through technology, can also leave parents feeling challenged and seeking information on how to support their child. When adults respond effectively and concerns are addressed, the message to youth is strengthened that adults will support and protect them as they learn about healthy, safe relationships.

Manitoba Education encourages a strength-based approach that recognizes children’s and youth’s resiliency. This involves teaching skills for healthy relationships, supporting protective factors that build strength and well-being, and solution-focused problem solving to restore a sense of safety and belonging in resolving issues of concern.

If your child is having a problem feeling comfortable and safe at school, it is important that you communicate with and work with the school team to solve the issue as quickly as possible.

The recommended ‘communication protocol’ with the school involves the following guidelines:

  • Listen to your child to determine the issue’s severity and identify his/her needs.
  • Contact your child’s teacher and/or school counsellor to seek solutions. Ask how you can be a part of the solution. The teacher or counsellor may report to and involve the principal if the incident warrants.
  • If the issue is not resolved, contact your school principal and ask for follow-up. Request that the school principal communicate the plan to you.
  • If your child continues to experience problems ask the school principal if there are other resources in the school division or community that could assist in a resolution.
  • If a resolution is not found or you are not satisfied with the school response, contact your School Division’s Superintendent to explain your experience and request resolution.
  • If the problem still has not been resolved, contact the Board of Trustees of your School Division. Your elected school trustees can assist you with this process.

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