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Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Our schools continue to be flexible and responsive as they respond to public health orders. Whether your child attends a school that is engaging students with in-class learning, blended learning, or remote learning, learning at home can always be happening. You can communicate with your child’s teachers to choose fun ways to enhance learning at home with or without technology. Anything you can do to expose your child to the French language is beneficial, but teaching the language is not your primary role.

For those parents or caregivers who do speak French, try to have as many conversations as possible with your child in French and read French language books with them. The most important thing all parents can do is to read to and with your child in whatever language is spoken at home. This will support literacy learning in French. The interruption of classes in the spring may have affected your child’s progression, but French language learning is a life-long endeavour and choosing the French immersion program not only gives your child the opportunity to learn another language, but it also has a positive effect on English language development.

Your child learns from you all the time. While academic learning is important, your child’s physical and mental health and well-being are important too. You can enhance your child’s learning through play, everyday activities, and online learning resources at home. How you support your child will depend on your child’s age, needs, and the time you have available. On this page, you will find suggestions for all parents and caregivers to support learning.

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If you want more information about what your child is learning, you can visit My Child in School: A Resource for Parents. This site provides an overview of major concepts for each grade and compulsory subject area for Manitoba K-12 students. You can also consult Curriculum Essentials for an overview of Mathematics, Science and Social Studies for Grades 1 to 8. Click on the buttons in the Get Started box to choose your subject.



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