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What your child is learning

Grade 9 Mathematics prepares all students to continue mathematics studies in the following high school years. All students can benefit from a general understanding of mathematics for their personal and work-related use and for future plans, regardless of their career and/or post-secondary educational choices. Some of these students will need in-depth studies in mathematics for their post-secondary program and therefore will need to take specific Grades 10 to 12 mathematics courses.

Grade 9 Math contains the same four areas that have been studied since Kindergarten: the Number strand, the Patterns and Relationships strand, the Shape and Space strand and the Statistics and Probability strand. The topics studied in this course are:

  • Number – Rational Number Sense, Powers and Exponents
  • Patterns and Relations – Linear Relations and Polynomials
  • Shape and Space – Circle Geometry, Symmetry and Similarity
  • Statistics and Probability

For further information, speak to your child’s teacher or refer to Grades 9 to 12 Mathematics: Manitoba Curriculum Framework of Outcomes.

How your child is assessed

Your child’s learning is assessed based on the topics listed under What Your Child is Learning. Assessments take place during the entire course. Teachers determine how they gather evidence of learning. This may include observation, projects, conversation, tests, final exams and other strategies. Teachers consider which evidence of learning is used and how much weight is attached to it to determine a grade for the report card.

For information about provincial policy related to assessment, grading and report cards, see:

Supplementary Information

Schools may offer an optional mathematics course called Senior 1 (Grade 9) Transitional Mathematics. It focuses on developing positive student attitudes toward learning, improving communication skills and work habits, and increasing mathematical background and motivation. Upon successful completion of the course, students may earn a half-credit or a full credit, depending of the school. The Transitional Mathematics is an optional course designed for students that need more help in mathematics. It gives them better chances to succeed in the Grade 9 Mathematics which is required for graduation.