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What your child is learning

This course helps the French language development of Grade 12 French Immersion students. Students learn to analyze and discuss a variety of oral and written texts in French, such as in films, documentaries, plays, songs, poetry, stories and novels. During the course, students communicate orally and in writing. They write to tell stories and to analyze and persuade, and will make a formal presentation using technology.

This course also helps students to recognize and appreciate how learning French is useful for them personally, intellectually and socially. It encourages them to continue learning French independently. Students also gain an appreciation of French drama and film, and of the richness of French-Canadian culture and people.

For further information, speak to your child’s teacher or refer to Cadre commun des résultats d'apprentissage manitobains en français langue seconde – immersion (M-12) (in French only).

How your child is assessed

How your child is assessed may vary from school to school. Assessment will take place throughout the entire course. Writing assignments (e.g. article, literary text, or analysis) and oral presentations (e.g. debates) are some of the ways the teacher may assess your child. Students enrolled in the French Immersion Program and seeking credit for this course must write a provincial test at the end of the course. This test counts for 30% of the final grade. The teacher or teachers of the school division mark the test. The Province sets the times and date of the test.

For information about the Grade 12 provincial tests, see Grade 12 Provincial Tests.
For information about provincial policy related to assessment, grading and report cards, see:

Supplementary Information

In the Grade 12 Français course, the course materials are chosen by the school, teachers and students. These materials may vary from one classroom to another. 

All French Immersion students must take the Grade 12 Français - immersion course. In addition, some schools may offer an optional Grade 12 French course. The optional courses are: Littératures francophones (40S), which focuses on Francophone literature, and Communication médiatique (40S), which focuses on media communication. It is possible for a student to earn more than one French language credit at the Grade 12 level.

To help students experience, understand and appreciate French culture, they are encouraged to participate in excursions, tours and workshops in French. These may be organized by the school or by students and their families. Some possible activities include: concerts and plays, workshops with artists, and trips to Québec and France.