Science Safety

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Appendix A

Important Safety Notice

  • Laboratory materials are to be used only in the laboratory.
  • Laboratory materials must be used only for purposes sanctioned by the teacher in charge. It is not permissible to go beyond the instructions of the teacher in any experiment.
  • Nothing must be taken out of the laboratory.
  • Bottles should never be held by the neck.
  • Nothing should be tasted without the instructions of the teacher.
  • Any substance accidentally taken into the mouth must be spat out at once and the mouth washed out with water.
  • Acid or alkali on the skin or clothing must be washed at once with much water.
  • Any cut, burn, scald, material in the mouth, or other accidents must be reported at once to the teacher in charge.
  • Be careful that the name on the bottle is exactly the same as the one that you require.