Curriculum Overview

UPDATE on Manitoba’s Kindergarten to Grade 12 English Language Arts Curriculum – November 2023 (PDF Document 246 KB)

The goal of the Kindergarten to Grade 12 English Language Arts curriculum is to give students opportunities to:

  • practise within the field of English language arts as full participants
  • develop flexible and versatile ways of thinking and using language to meet personal, social, and academic needs
  • build a sense of self, identity, community, and the world
  • sustain a lifelong sense of curiosity, a passion for learning, and an appreciation of the power and beauty of literature, language, and multiple forms of text

The Kindergarten to Grade 12 English Language Arts Curriculum Framework supports educators in designing rich learning experiences that begin with the students and the communities in which they live. Educators are able to respond to different learners and contexts while working toward high learning expectations. The purposes of the framework are to:      

  • set out the underpinnings and common learning expectations for English language arts
  • present the four ELA practices and ways learners enact the practices through elements and grade band descriptors
  • describe multiple ways that students engage in practices at various points in learning
  • provide direction for designing, assessing, and reflecting on learning
  • support equity and inclusion by emphasizing relevant and meaningful learning contexts and deep flexible thinking for all learners
  • embed professional learning to align curriculum and professional practice