COVID-19 Guidance and Planning for Schools

The pandemic has brought many challenges. Meeting the challenges of COVID-19 required innovation and creativity in order to navigate school closures, remote learning, blended learning, physical distancing, masking, vaccinations, and testing. Significant supports and investments were made with regard to personal protective equipment, ventilation projects, and additional funding for schools to address learning impacts, mental health and well-being, and remote learning. Our transmission levels among students and staff remained low. In the 2021/2022 school year, only five percent of Kindergarten to Grade 12 school-associated cases have been affiliated with a public health school outbreak.

Looking towards longer term preparedness and response planning, collaboration with families, students, schools, school divisions, education partners, and public health officials is at the centre of continuous improvement. Emergency and response planning serves not only to address health and safety concerns and the impact of the pandemic, but also to redefine learner success as agency, responsibility, identity, and well-being in a complex, interconnected, and rapidly evolving future.


Latest COVID-19 Information

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