School Attendance

Information for Students

What the Student Can Do...

Graduation is a goal for all students and graduation from high school is strongly linked to regular daily attendance starting in elementary school. You need to be in class as much as possible to be successful in school.

  • Get ready for school the night before, homework done, clothes laid out, breakfast and lunch ready
  • Stay at school for lunch, if going home or to a friend’s place causes you to skip
  • Establish patterns at the beginning of the year or semester for example plan to spend your spare in the library, or computer room to avoid the possibility of leaving the school or skipping out
  • Set a specific goal to improve attendance such as having 100% attendance for a week (or month or semester)
  • Tell your parents that going to school every day is important to you and ask them to help you get there
  • Set a goal, such as a career that you want to pursue and plan for small actions to achieve the goal
  • When you feel you need help or if you are overwhelmed you can contact the school counsellor, or contact the help line.
  • If you experience difficulty with homework or personal problem. Kids Help Phone have professional counselors available
  • Ask for an alarm clock for your birthday and learn to get up on your own

How Peers Can Help...

Friendships are important relationships, and being a friend means acting in the best interests of your friend. Regular daily attendance will help you and your friends meet the goal of graduation.

  • Buddy with a friend who will call or text in the morning to get you to come to school
  • Join an extra-curricular club with a friend
  • Form a study group with friends
  • Have a friendly competition for the best attendance
  • Choose friends that are positive about school

Working with my Teachers...

Keeping the principal, teachers and counsellors informed of any problems you encounter that affect your attendance, allows them to understand your situation and work with you to improve your attendance.

  • Go to a teacher or counsellor and discuss the problems you are having coming to school
  • If transportation is a problem in your getting to school ask the school counsellor or principal if they have any special support for transportation
  • If you are experiencing academic difficulty in a subject area, talk to the teacher, a counsellor or the resource teacher
  • Speak with your teacher(s), don't just skip the class if you know you need to miss school and ask for the work you may be missing