School Attendance

Information for Students

Students who attend school regularly are more engaged in learning, have a greater opportunity to access school and community resources, have a greater sense of belonging and are more likely to reach their full potential. Student presence and engagement is required for success. 

What Students Can Do

  • Get ready for school the night before, homework done, clothes laid out, breakfast and lunch ready.
  • Stay at school for lunch, if going home or to a friend's place causes you to skip.
  • Establish patterns at the beginning of the year or semester. For example, plan to spend your spare in the library or common room to avoid the possibility of leaving the school or skipping out.
  • Set a specific goal to improve your presence and engagement in school.
  • Tell your parents that going to school every day is important to you and ask them to help you get there.
  • Set a goal, such as a career that you want to pursue and plan for small actions to achieve the goal.
  • Talk to your school. Keep the principal, educators, and counsellors informed of any problems you have getting to school, it allows them to understand your situation and work with you to improve your attendance. If transportation is a problem for getting to school, ask if there is special support for transportation.
  • When you feel you need help or if you are overwhelmed you can contact the school counsellor or the Kids Help Phone.