School Attendance

Attendance Fair

Manitoba Education and Training, Manitoba Association of Parent Councils (MAPC) and the 15 Project Schools hosted an Attendance Fair in March 2013.  The purpose of the Attendance Fair was to provide educators an opportunity to share evidence-based practices that improve school attendance.

The Attendance Fair was opened by the Minister of Education Nancy Allan.  Minister Allan announced the “Everybody in School Every Day” communication strategy, produced by MAPC in partnership with Manitoba Education and Training, and issued a Proclamation that declares March of each year as Perfect Attendance Month.

News Release - March 8, 2013


Perfect Attendance Month Proclamation (Adobe Icon 83 KB)

The “Everybody in School Every Day” strategy was unveiled by MAPC’s Executive Director, Naomi Kruse. This strategy consists of videos, brochures and posters that have been sent to schools to increase the awareness of the importance of regular daily attendance for all children.
Video of MAPC’s presentation by Naomi Kruse

Everybody In School Every Day 15 second and 30 second video

  • Poster (Adobe Icon 491 KB)
  • Brochure (Adobe Icon 239 KB)
  • Translation to additional languages to follow

An audio tape of Student Voices from across the province discussing issues related to regular attendance is available for download.

The background and context for the Attendance Projects was presented by Marlene Gregory, Manitoba Education and Training.

Attendance Projects background and context (Adobe Icon 2.03 MB)

John Finch, Manitoba Education and Training presented information on “Tell Them From Me”. “Tell Them From Me” (TTFM) is a survey tool that is part of each Attendance Project. TTFM is an on line survey tool that offers a unique window into the perspective and opinions of students. This anonymous survey measures levels of student engagement and provides the school with valuable data that can inform the school’s actions and plans. For more information go to The Learning Bar

School Divisions/Oral Presentations
Name of Project School/School Division Video, PowerPoint Handout
River East Transcona School Attendance Project River East Transcona School Division PowerPoint
Glenella School Attendance Project Turtle River School Division PowerPoint
Mary Duncan Attendance Project Kelsey School Division PowerPoint
Pembina Trails Attendance Project Pembina Trails School Division PowerPoint
Grades, Grad Going to School Sunrise School Division PowerPoint


Poster Presentations
Name of Project School/School Division Resources
We Care Evergreen School Division/
Winnipeg Beach School
Credit Recovery Turtle Mountain School Division

Park West Attendance Initiative

Park West School Division
Community Transition Program Portage La Prairie
If the Question is: “How do I Improve Attendance?" 
The answer may be: Increasing Engagement Through School-Wide Positive Behaviour Intervention and Support (PBIS)
Manitoba Education and Training Student Services  
St Anne Collegiate Alternative Academic Campus Seine River Division  
Frontier Mosakahiken School Frontier School Division Area 4  

Mountain View School Division  
Garden City Collegiate Attendance promotion Program Seven Oaks/Garden City Collegiate
Raising the Bar: Frontier School Division Attendance Initiative Frontier School Division Area 2
Duck Bay
Phhilomene Chartrand

Winnipeg School Division
Attendance Project
Winnipeg School Division Schools:
Hugh John MacDonald
Niji Mahkawa
William Whyte