Indigenous Inclusion

Aboriginal Languages Teacher Education Program (ALTEP)

Aboriginal Languages Teacher Education Program (ALTEP)

Final Research Report

Aboriginal Languages Teacher Education Program (ALTEP) – Final Research Report (pdf document 700 KB)

The Manitoba Aboriginal Languages Strategy – Aboriginal Languages Teacher Education Program – Overview of Research Report (pdf document 591 KB)

From February 2021 to June 2022, the Indigenous languages consultant (ILC) engaged in the following research, development, and meeting preparatory activities and presentations:

  • reviewed various research reports completed by MALS, including Phase One (March 2018), and Phase II (October 2019), and concentrated on the recommendations and next steps to meet the initiative’s objectives
  • emailed information letters to all the post-secondary intstitution (PSI) representatives and conducted follow-up Zoom meetings and/or phone calls from May 2021 to June 2022
  • conducted discussion meetings and presentations with the representatives of PSIs and the MALS stakeholders
  • developed interview questions and conducted Zoom or telephone interview meetings with representatives from the post-secondary institutions, focusing on the research required for the research report
  • conducted individual interview sessions with representatives from four of the five participating post-secondary institutions
  • compiled, analyzed, and summarized data from the ZOOM/telephone interviews
  • provided research report updates at the MALS Council of Grandparents’ and membership meetings and other meetings as requested by the project leads
  • analyzed and summarized the raw data from the individual telephone interviews with representatives of each of the post-secondary institutions
  • developed and revised the MALS ALTEP research report drafts based on the feedback from the project leads and the representatives of the participating post-secondary institutions
  • led ongoing research and developmental work for the MALS ALTEP research report
  • submitted a draft outline to meet the objectives identified in the contract
  • submitted the draft MALS ALTEP research report to the project leads The timeline on the following page lists most of the meetings/sessions attended by the ILC from February 2021 to June 2022.