Reports, Research and Action Plans


Manitoba Task Force on Educational Outcomes of Children in Care: Report for the Minister of Education and Advanced Learning and the Minister of Family Services, January 2016 (Adobe Icon 329 KB)

Task Force on Special Needs Funding: Report for the Minister of Education and Advanced Learning
November 2015 (Adobe Icon 212 KB)

A Profile of Student Learning and Performance in Manitoba 2010-2014
This document is an examination of assessments of learning. It presents the results from a number of different assessments at the provincial, national, and international levels. The provincial assessment program in Manitoba supports student learning by providing feedback to students, teachers, and parents about student learning.

Review of Specific Financial and Human Resource Practices at Red River College, Manitoba Education and Advanced Learning (Adobe Icon 344 KB)

Joint Use of School and Community Facilities
School divisions are required to review, develop and implement policies that establish procedures, and joint-use agreements, for the use of public school facilities that maximize their use by school and community users and support the educational, recreational, social and cultural programming that can be offered during school hours as well as outside the regular instructional day.

Annual Reports
The Annual Report is organized in accordance with the appropriation structure for Manitoba Education and Training. The report includes information at the main and sub-appropriation levels relating to the Department's objectives, and actual results achieved. Financial performance information is provided with expenditure and revenue variance explanations, and a five-year adjusted historical table of staffing and expenditures.


Survey results from Manitoba's “Conversation about Education” questionnaire (Adobe Icon 81 KB)

School Attendance in Manitoba
Manitoba Education published the School Attendance in Manitoba Report in June 2009. The research outlined recommendations to address issue related to student attendance.

Educational Pathways of Youth in Manitoba: Impacts of Exposure to Career Planning Services and Parental Involvement in Learning
An examination of data from the Youth in Transition Survey.

Action Plans

An Action Plan for Science Education in Manitoba
Manitoba intends to demonstrate through the Action Plan for Science Education in Manitoba, a renewal of its commitment to improve student engagement in science and support professional learning for teachers.

Aboriginal Education and Employment Action Plan 2008-2011
This document is a renewed Action Plan building upon the Aboriginal Education Action Plan 2004-2007. Bridging Two Worlds incorporates existing activities and new opportunities.

Aboriginal Education Action Plan 2004-2007
The Aboriginal Education Action Plan was developed to provide a comprehensive strategic approach to support improved outcomes for Aboriginal learners within the education system.

Strategic Direction 2002-2005 August 2002 (Adobe Icon 18 KB)

Archived Documents

ONE YEAR LATER: Learning from COVID-19 to shape the future of education - March 2021 - (Adobe Icon 991 KB)
COVID-19 has drastically changed the way we work, learn, and interact with others. Schools are no exception. The impact of school closures and disrupted learning has been significant since schools serve the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical needs of children.

Better Education Starts Today: Putting Students First - March 2021 - (Adobe Icon 9.9 MB)
This report has been developed in response to the recommendations of the Commission on Kindergarten to Grade 12 Education as well as the learnings from the COVID-19 pandemic.