Adult Learning and Literacy

Manitoba Adult Literacy Strategy

The Government of Manitoba is concerned about addressing the literacy challenge in our province. In order to stimulate renewed action, it has identified a Minister responsible for literacy and has passed The Adult Literacy Act, effective January 1, 2009.

The Adult Literacy Act requires the development of a provincial adult literacy strategy to address the needs of Manitobans.

Components of the Manitoba Adult Literacy Strategy
2009 - 2011

Adult Literacy Programs


Adult Learning Centres


Workforce Development / Employment Focus

English as an Additional Language (EAL) / Immigrant Focus

Aboriginal Focus

Adult Literacy Table

Adult Literacy in Manitoba: A Discussion Paper (April 2008) (Adobe PDF Document 124 KB) provided the starting point for consultation on the development of the adult literacy strategy.

The report on the consultations, What We Heard (November 2008) (Adobe PDF Document 686 KB), presents a summary of participants' views, ideas and opinions and contains implicit recommendations for the Manitoba Adult Literacy Program and the development of the adult literacy strategy.