Adult Learning and Literacy

Manitoba Adult Literacy Strategy

Consultation Process - Adult Literacy Strategy

In April 2008, the Province of Manitoba initiated consultations with key stakeholders and the public for input into the development of a province-wise adult literacy strategy. Consultations were held in the spring and summer of 2008.

Consultation Report - What We Heard - November 2008 (Adobe PDF Document 686 KB) | Français version (Adobe PDF Document 694 KB)

The following questions supported participant presentations/submissions.

  • In your view what is literacy?
  • What literacy-related competencies will Manitobans need in the year 2016?
  • What are the best ways to raise and maintain the literacy levels of all Manitobans?
  • In the literacy strategy, what are the key roles for government, industry, individuals, communities?
  • How will we know that actions taken to raise and maintain literacy levels have been effective?

Discussion Paper - Adult Literacy in Manitoba (Adobe PDF Document 124 KB) | Français version (Adobe PDF Document 583 KB)

Consultations took place in a range of formats:

  • Public sessions which provided opportunities to make oral presentations;
  • Focused discussions with adult literacy learners and practitioners;
  • Meetings and roundtable discussions with stakeholder groups, including immigrant organizations, representatives from Aboriginal community, non-government organizations and agencies, representatives from the francophone community and, business; and
  • Web submissions through this website, by e-mail and by regular mail.