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Provincial K-3 Class Size Initiative

The newly developed Smaller Classes website is designed to provide Manitobans with information about the advances being made implementing smaller classes in schools across the province. Visitors will find answers to frequently asked questions, past and current provincial news releases related to the initiative, and follow the progress being made to provide optimal learning environments in our schools.


Contact information for Manitoba schools, school divisions and districts, including maps, calendar dates and school board contacts.

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Up-to-date contact information for Manitoba schools and school divisions and districts.

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Lists of Schools in Manitoba

Schools in Manitoba 2015/16 (Adobe Icon 3.76 MB)

Schools in Manitoba – Écoles du Manitoba is a comprehensive provincial directory of all schools, school divisions and districts. The directory includes addresses, telephone and fax numbers, as well as e-mail addresses for schools, school divisions and districts. It also contains the number of teachers and students, and the grade range in each school supplemented by an indication of the programming offered such as English, Français, French Immersion and International Languages.

Francophone Schools in Manitoba, November 2015 (Adobe Icon 33 KB)

French Immersion Schools in Manitoba, November 2015 (Adobe Icon 92 KB)

Location of French Immersion Schools in Manitoba


Provincial Modernization of School Boundaries

For information about revised school division boundaries visit Provincial Modernization of School Division Boundaries (Amalgamation)



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