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Social Studies


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Social Studies is the study of people in relation to each other and to the world in which they live. In Manitoba, social studies comprises the disciplines of history and geography, draws upon the social sciences, and integrates relevant content from the humanities. As a study of human beings in their physical, social, and cultural environments, social studies examines the past and present, and looks toward the future. Social studies helps students acquire the skills, knowledge, and values necessary to become active democratic citizens and contributing members of their communities, locally, nationally, and globally.

What's New

Grade 12 Canadian Law: Manitoba Curriculum Framework
The Grade 12 Canadian Law curriculum presents students with the major components of Canadian law, beginning with the foundations of law, followed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, criminal law, civil law and family law. The course also gives students the opportunity to explore a topic of their choice through inquiry of one of the following options: international law, human rights law, youth and the law, labour law, and environmental law.

Grade 11 History of Canada: A Foundation for Implementation 30F
This is a mandatory course for Grade 11. The curriculum supports citizenship as a core concept and engages students in historical inquiry. Guided by essential questions, students focus on the history of Canada from pre-contact times to the present.

Grade 12 Global Issues: Citizenship and Sustainability (40S)
This course is based on the principles of active democratic citizenship, ecological literacy, critical media literacy, and ethical decision-making, and consolidates learning across the disciplines to empower students as agents of change for a sustainable and equitable future.
Global Issues: Citizenship and Sustainability Poster

Grade 12 Current Topics in First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Studies
This document supports the empowerment of students through the exploration of the histories, traditions, cultures, worldviews, and contemporary issues of Indigenous peoples in Canada and worldwide.

A Manitoba Residential Schools Survivors Social Studies Project
This project is intended to encourage discussion and make progress on the path toward healing and reconciliation by providing Manitoba teachers and students with culturally appropriate resources regarding the treatment of Aboriginal people in the residential schools system.

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