Physical Education/Health Education

Websites to Support the Curriculum

Grade 12 Active Healthy Lifestyles

Module C: Nutrition

Lesson 1: Energy Intake

Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide

Dairy Farmers of Manitoba: Serving Size Poster Order Form

Lesson 2: Energy Expenditure

Healthy Weights for Healthy Kids: Report of the Standing Committee on Health

“Kids Fatter, Not Active Enough.” Tips for Being Active

Generation M: Media in the Lives of 8–18 Year-Olds Adobe Icon

Exercise Calorie Expenditures

Estimated Energy Requirements

Simplified Resting Metabolic Rate-Predicting Formulas for Normal-Sized and Obese Individuals

Lesson 3: Energy Balance

Nutrition: Energy Balance: PowerPoint Presentation

Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide

Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide: A Resource for Educators and Communicators Adobe Icon

Estimated Energy Requirements

TRANSforming the Food Supply: Final Report of the Trans Fat Task Force

Dietary Education and Outcomes for Young People with Type 1 Diabetes Adobe Icon

Nutrient Value of Some Common Foods

Canada’s Physical Activity Guide for Youth

Lesson 4: Food Safety

Lesson 5: Advertising and Marketing Strategy Influences on Food Purchases

Lesson 6: Food and Nutrition Myths and Misconceptions Related to Physical Activity and Sport Performance