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Grades 9 to 12 Mathematics

Manitoba Curriculum Framework of Outcomes

Grades 9 to 12 Mathematics: Manitoba Curriculum Framework of Outcomes

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Grades 9 to 12 Mathematics: Manitoba Curriculum Framework of Outcomes (2.29 MB)

This document was developed by the seven ministries of education in collaboration with teachers, administrators, parents, business representatives, post-secondary educators, and others.

The framework identifies beliefs about mathematics learning and teaching, general and specific outcomes, and achievement indicators agreed upon by the seven jurisdictions. Each of the provinces and territories will determine when and how the framework will be implemented within its own jurisdiction.

Document Sections:


For further information or comments, please contact:

Ian Donnelly
Mathematics Consultant, Grades 9 to 12
1567 Dublin Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3E 3J5
Telephone: 204-945-6873
Fax: 204-948-3668
Toll free: 1-800-282-8069, ext. 6873

For mathematics curriculum implementation timelines see Manitoba Implementation Timelines.

Note: Voluntary Implementation of the revised Grade 9 mathematics curriculum should not be undertaken unless a plan is in place for voluntary implementation of revised Grade 10 mathematics curricula in the following year for all students. School Divisions/Districts should plan to implement Grade 9 – Grade 12 revisions in successive years with no gap starting no earlier than September 2007. For more information, please contact Ian Donnelly.


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