Curricular Connections

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Elements of Integration in the Classroom

Supporting Change

Support to school divisions/districts relating to the information in this document is available by contacting

Learning and Outcomes Branch
Student Achievement and Inclusion Division

1577 Dublin Avenue
Winnipeg MB R3E 3J5
Telephone: 204-945-8806
Toll-free in Manitoba: 1-800-282-8069, ext. 8806
Fax: 204-945-5060

Direction de l’apprentissage et des résultats
Division de la réussite scolaire et de l’inclusion
1577, avenue Dublin
Winnipeg (Manitoba) R3E 3J5
Téléphone :  204 945-8806
Sans frais au Manitoba : 1 800 282-8069, poste 8806
Télécopieur : 204 945-5060


Many schools have created school-and/or division-based implementation teams to plan the implementation of new policies and curricula and to organize and lead ongoing staff development and support activities within the school and/or school division. These teams can also help to inform the local community about the changes taking place in schools as new policies and curricula are implemented.

Ideally, school-and/or division-based implementation teams include teachers, administrators, other school staff, parents or guardians, students, and members of the local community. It is critical that these teams have administrative support and leadership at both the school and divisional levels. Some divisions have established implementation committees to help coordinate the work of the team.

Manitoba Education and Early Childhood Learning strongly supports the school-based implementation team concept and is committed to working with all educational partners to promote and support them.