French Language Education Review – French Immersion Program
2013-2014: Provincial Report

Fall 2016

French Language Education 2013-2014: Provincial Report

French Language Education Review 2013-2014: Provincial Report (Adobe PDF 1.5 MB)

This document is the first Provincial Report under the French Language Education Review – French Immersion Program. It was prepared by the Bureau de l’éducation française Division (BEF). The Report presents a compilation and an analysis of the data collected from the 2013-2014 School and Divisional Questionnaires with responses by all 105 French Immersion schools and all 22 school divisions offering the French Immersion Program in Manitoba. It provides a comprehensive profile of the French Immersion Program, highlighting the schools’ and school divisions’ perceived successes and challenges in the delivery of the French Immersion Program. Furthermore, the BEF's analysis of this data determined what should be prioritized going forward in order to ensure student success.

Specific Sections:

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Provincial Report

Section 1 – Creating a French Immersion Setting (Adobe PDF 426 KB)
Section 2 – Validation of Students' Linguistic and Educational Experience (Adobe PDF 399 KB)
Section 3 – Education Staff and Professional Learning (Adobe PDF 372 KB)
Section 4 – Student Enrolment Trends (Adobe PDF 480 KB)
Final Relfection (Adobe PDF 215 KB)

Appendix 1: School Questionnaire (Adobe PDF 2.7 MB)
Appendix 2: Divisional Questionnaire (Adobe PDF 1.75 MB)