Student Readiness for Web-based Courses
Find out if you are ready to take a web-based course.  Rate yourself and see if you have the skills to be successful.
Select an answer for each question then click the "Submit Results" button.
Rate your skills    1 = never or rarely
2 = sometimes
3 = always or mostly true
1: I have the drive, motivation or need to take this course. 1  2  3
2: I usually work better on the internet rather than in a face-to-face class. 1  2  3
3: I can work independently on my course and do not normally need the support from other people. 1  2  3
4: I am comfortable and knowledgable in using technology such as attaching documents to email messages and locating various files on my computer. 1  2  3
5: I have people who will be able to support and encourage me if I take a WBC. 1  2  3
6: I am willing to make a commitment to spend the time required to complete this course. 1  2  3
7: I am an organized and self-motivated individual and I have good study skills (e.g., I set personal goals and meet the deadlines). 1  2  3
8: I can read at grade level and am able to search for my own resources if I find text difficult to understand. 1  2  3
9: I know how to support my learning by performing internet searches and browsing responsibly on the internet including being able to open multi-media files on the web. 1  2  3
10: I am willing to do all of the work required without being reminded. 1  2  3
You must answer all questions.