Developing Conceptual Understanding of Number

The following files are available for teachers to use in their classroom and are presented as MS-Word and Adobe PDF files. See instructions for downloading the files.

Title PDF Adobe Icon MS-Word Word Icon
Introduction 98 KB 78 KB
Set A: Relative Size 90 KB 139 KB
Set B: Comparing Numbers 79 KB 126 KB
Sec C: Representing Numbers 110 KB 301 KB
Set D: Number Theory 93 KB 150 KB
Set E: Whole Number Operations 175 KB 195 KB
Set F: Geometry 138 KB 203 KB
Set G: Decimal, Fraction and Percent 86 KB 166 KB
Set H: Coordinate Geometry 145 KB 227 KB
Set I: Pre-Algebra Patterns 141 KB 245 KB
Set J: Perimeter and Area 116 KB 246 KB
Applications 470 KB 688 KB
Template 49 KB 60 KB
Booklet Template 43 KB 60 KB


Instructions for Downloading Files

  • Right-click on either file link (MS-Word or Adobe PDF)
  • Select Save Target As... from the pop-up menu
  • Select the folder where you would like to place the file, choose Save