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OUT-of-Class Safety Handbook

A Resource for Grades 9 to 12 Physical Education/Health Education

OUT-of-Class Safety Handbook: A Resource for Grades 9 to 12 PE/HE

This safety handbook has been specifically designed for the OUT-of-Class Physical Activity Practicum when implementing Grades 9 to 12 PE/HE.

OUT-of-Class Safety Handbook: A Resource for Grades 9 to 12 PE/HE (Adobe Icon 1.47 MB)

Specific Sections:

Cover (Adobe Icon 63 KB)
ISBN (Adobe Icon 36 KB)
Contents (Adobe Icon 42 KB)
Acknowledgements (Adobe Icon 61 KB)
Introduction (Adobe Icon 72 KB)
Implementing Risk Management Measures for OUT-of-Class Physical Activities (Adobe Icon 81 KB)
Safety, Liability, and Insurance (Adobe Icon 58 KB)
Developing a Local Policy (Adobe Icon 48 KB)


Appendix A: Sample Local Policy & Regulations (Word Icon 101 KB)
Appendix B: Forms Title Page (Adobe Icon 24 KB)

Sample Parent Declaration and Consent & Student Declaration Forms:

Appendix B1: Students under 18 (Word Icon 102 KB)
Appendix B2: Revised Activity Choices (Students under 18) (Word Icon 102 KB)

Sample Student Declaration Forms:

Appendix B3: Students 18 years and older (Word Icon 100 KB)
Appendix B4: Revised Activity Choices (Students 18 years and older) (Word Icon 98 KB)

Appendix C: Physical Activity Inventory (Adobe Icon 159 KB)
Appendix D: General Safety Guidelines (Adobe Icon 91 KB)
Appendix E: Physical Activity Safety Checklists (Adobe Icon 91 KB)
List of Physical Activity Safety Checklists
Appendix F: Glossary of Terms (Adobe Icon 67 KB)

Bibliography (Adobe Icon 59 KB)


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