Repaying student loans | Manitoba Student Aid

How do I make payments?

Find out when you need to start repaying your loans, and how to make payments.

Payments are due on both your Canada Student Loan and Manitoba Student Loan six months after you stop going to school full-time.

If you are a part-time student, payments are due on your Canada Student Loan six months after you stop going to school. These loans accumulate interest while you are in school.

When is my first payment due?

Your lenders, Manitoba Student Aid and the National Student Loans Service Centre, will send you information with specific dates of when your payments will start and how much they will be.

How do I make payments on my Manitoba Student Loan?

Unless you contact us to make different arrangements, Manitoba Student Aid will automatically set up a pre-authorized debit agreement to take monthly payments from the Canadian bank account that you provided Manitoba Student Aid with when you first applied for funding. Payments will be debited from your bank account on the first business day of each month.

If you would like to change your payment arrangements, please submit your request in writing to You will need to provide your Manitoba Student Loan account number, the date you would like repayment to start, the amount you would like to pay and payment frequency (monthly or bi-weekly).

If you choose to cancel your pre-authorized payment option, it is your responsibility to make alternate arrangements and to ensure payments are made on time.

You can make additional payments to Manitoba Student Aid through online or telephone payments, or you can send a cheque by mail. Any additional payments will be applied to the principal of your Manitoba Student Aid loan balance. However, if you make additional payments, you will still be required to make your regular scheduled payments.

Can I pay off my student loan all at once?

If you would like to pay off your Manitoba Student Aid loan in one payment you can do so without receiving a financial penalty by completing one of the following:

  1. Submit your request to Please indicate the date you would like the balance to be debited from your account, and your Manitoba Student Aid account number; or
  2. Submit a cheque to our office for the balance of your loan paid to the Manitoba Student Aid; or
  3. Make an online payment for the balance by selecting Manitoba Student Loans as the payee and entering your eleven digit account number.

Our office addresses are:

Manitoba Student Aid
401-1181 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, MB   R3G 0T3

Manitoba Student Aid
362-340 9th Street
Brandon, MB   R7A 6C2

How do I change my banking information?

If you would like to change your bank account on file with Manitoba Student Aid, please submit a request in writing to:

Along with your written request, you will need to provide a void cheque or bank deposit slip that states your full legal name and current address. If a signature is required, please sign the document.

What happens if I miss a payment?

It is your responsibility to ensure you have sufficient funds in your bank account for loan repayments. . If you do not have sufficient funds to cover the monthly repayment amount:

  • you may incur a Non-Sufficient Fund fee from your bank;
  • a restriction will be placed on any new student loan application. Until the missed payments have been made, the new loan applications will not be processed;
  • it may affect your credit score.