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A Grade 6 IMYM Unit for Teachers

Resources to Support the
Inventions, Innovations, and Discoveries Unit

Crocodile Clips™ Elementary

Crocodile Clips™ Elementary provides interactive electric components that allow students to build their own circuits. All of the circuits can be designed to simulate real life, allowing students to experiment with electricity in a safe and enjoyable way. This product is available as a free download.

Hot Potatoes™

Hot Potatoes™ is software used to create interactive vocabulary exercises that can be used on a single computer, on a network, or over the Internet. The Hot Potatoes™ suite includes six applications

  • Cloze (fill in the blanks)
  • Match (matching quiz)
  • Quiz (short answer quiz)
  • Cross (crossword puzzle)
  • Mix (jumbled sentence)
  • BC (multiple choice quiz)

Hot Potatoes™ is not freeware, but it is free of charge for non-profit educational users. Other users must pay for a licence. For the Hot Potatoes™ licencing terms and pricing visit the Half-Baked Software Website.

Instructions for Downloading Files

To save a copy of the files to your computer,

  1. Right-click the file of choice (Adobe PDF or Word),
  2. Select “Save Target As...” from the pop-up menu (in Netscape, “Save Link Target As...” or Firefox, "Save Link As..."),
  3. Select the folder where you would like to place the file, click Save.

Manitoba Hydro Resources

A Handbook of Power Smart Energy Efficient Learning Resources (Adobe Icon 2.6 MB)

This collection of teacher resource materials and student learning activities has been developed by Manitoba Hydro and Pembina Trails School Division as a resource to increase community awareness about energy efficiency, resource consumption and climate change through the Interdisciplinary Middle Years Multimedia (IMYM) model.

Scavenger Hunt

The purpose of this scavenger hunt is to help teachers become familiar with the content and structure of the Inventions, Innovations, and Discoveries interdisciplinary unit.

  • Scavenger Hunt: A Tutorial for Teachers
    MS-Word (MS Word Icon 60 KB) or Adobe PDF (Adobe Icon 73 KB)
  • Scavenger Hunt: A Tutorial for Teachers Answer Key
    (MS Word Icon 68 KB) or Adobe PDF (Adobe Icon 78 KB)