Teachers' Idea fund Application Process


Submissions will be accepted from Manitoba teachers, school staff, and school leaders employed within Manitoba’s K-12 public school system and extended to those First Nations schools who have agreements with school divisions. Projects submitted will require the support of the school and school division authority (i.e., principal and superintendent). All projects will be evaluated based on their expected outcomes.

Initiatives must provide innovative solutions to strengthen teacher practices and support one or more of the following priorities:

Mental Health and Well-Being: Initiatives that provide opportunities for social and emotional learning, and provide enhanced mental health resources and support for the students and staff in schools. Please see below the strategies projects may cover:

  • talking about mental health
  • training for teachers
  • incorporating mental health into teaching
  • providing appropriate tools and supports for students
  • taking care of teachers and school staff

For further details please visit How can we incorporate mental health education into schools? Consider the 5 T’s.

Eligibility Criteria

For intake of 2023/2024 proposals, the following applies:

  1. Lead applicant must be employed (i.e., teachers, staff and school/divisional leaders) within the K to 12 public school system.
    1. First Nations schools that have agreements in place with school divisions can apply. This is to respect existing partnerships and collaborations.
  2. Maximum timeframe is one school year beginning September 2023 and ending June 2024.
  3. Minimum amount is $50,000.
  4. Maximum amount is $150,000.
  5. Funding can be used to support mental health and well-being through:
    • piloting new innovative programs
    • adaptations of existing programs for new purposes or new audiences.
  6. The initiative requires at least one individual identified to support the research design and data reporting for your proposal to be considered. This could be someone internal or external to your school/division.
  7. The project uses research and data to enrich teacher development and improve student well-being and outcomes.
  8. A plan for sharing the learning and findings is included.

Applicants are encouraged to submit as a larger group of multiple staff throughout the school or of staff throughout multiple schools or throughout school divisions. Applicants are also encouraged to submit an application between schools and the wider community (e.g., post-secondary, business, non-governmental organizations, and early childhood).

How to submit a proposal

Thank you for your interest in the Teachers’ Idea Fund. Application intake is now closed. Please refer to the below steps for information only.

Step 1 – Create your idea.

Think of an idea, improvement or innovation and operationalize it in collaboration with your proposal team.

Step 2 – Demonstrate school and school division authority endorsement.

Project proposals require the endorsement of your school and school division authority.

Step 3 – Share your idea, improvement, or innovation!

Submit your idea, improvement, or innovation using an application form, found on this site when intake is open. The application form requires you to submit a budget and implementation plan and to highlight any areas of potential risk and mitigation.

Step 4 – Submit your project.

Once you have completed all sections of the application form, press submit. Based on a review of eligibility criteria and the project’s proposed outcomes, your submission may then be selected for further evaluation.

The Teachers’ Idea Fund 2023/2024 application deadline is 12:00 am, March 27, 2023.