Student Services

Appropriate Educational Programming

A Handbook for Student Services

Appropriate Educational Programming: A Handbook for Student Services is a reference guide containing information that supports appropriate educational programming in Manitoba.

This handbook is intended to provide information that is relevant to student services administrators, school division and school administrators, educators, and school clinicians. Parents and other members of student support teams may also find it useful.

Note: This new document replaces Supporting Inclusive Schools: A Handbook for Student Services.

From Challenges to Possibilities

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Acknowledgements and Contents (72 KB)
Introduction (24 KB)
Foundation Principles (124 KB)
Federal Legislation (141 KB)
Provincial Legislation (397 KB)
Ministerial Letters/Directives (677 KB)
Regulations (554 KB)
Standards (101 KB)
Policies and Protocols (298 KB)
Guidelines (141 KB)
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