Professional Certification

Teacher Exchange

The Professional Certification Unit administers the teacher exchange program in Manitoba on behalf of the Department of Education and Training and remains the contact body for all inquiries respecting teacher exchange.

Manitoba Teacher Exchange opportunities are available with Australia, The United Kingdom, The United States, The Federal Republic of Germany (teachers must be fluent in the language), and other Canadian Provinces. If interested in Australia, check out the Australian Government - Department of Immigration and Border Protection website for further information.

The deadline for all applications is November 30, of the current year. Applications received for exchange to Australia are for January to December. Applications to other exchange countries are for the September to June school year.

Teacher Exchange Requirements

  1. Who is eligible?

    • Applicants must have a minimum of five years of teaching experience in Manitoba and must hold a valid Permanent Professional teaching certificate.
    • Applicants must have permanent employment and their application for the exchange process must be supported by both the receiving School Principal and School Division/District.
    • Teachers should be genuinely interested in exchanging and be flexible enough to adapt to new conditions and environments. Teachers should only apply if they have sincere intentions about accepting a suitable exchange.
  2. Choice

    • If you are interested in an exchange to several locations, for example, both Australia and The United Kingdom, please rank your choices in order of preference. Applications are only submitted to one country at a time. If the matching prospects are poor in the first choice, and a second preference is indicated, the file is forwarded to the second choice later in the year.
  3. The Matching Process

    • Once a complete application is received with all required documentation, applications are forwarded for consideration to the country of choice. When a prospective match is made, the incoming teacher’s file is forwarded to the Manitoba applicant, The Principal, and the Employing Authority for consideration. It is important that all concerns/questions are addressed prior to finalizing the exchange. The Manitoba Officer-In-Charge acts as a liaison between the Manitoba teacher and the exchange country.
  4. The Financial Aspect

    • Each exchange teacher will be paid by his/her own school division during the year of exchange, and the usual deductions will be made for superannuation contributions and Canadian income tax. Each teacher is responsible for his/her own travel arrangements and expenses as well as for other costs associated with a year abroad. Applicants should be prepared for the high cost of an exchange year including unexpected costs (such as fluctuation of currency rates) that may arise while they are away on exchange

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Terms and Conditions for Award of International Teaching Fellowship

  1. A limited number of Fellowships are available to enable selected teachers to teach in overseas countries on the basis of a direct exchange of professional positions and accommodation.
  2. The term of the Fellowship is one school year September to June excluding Australia which is one calendar year (January to December).
  3. Teachers selected for Fellowships will be expected to have had a minimum of four years of tertiary education including the equivalent of one full year of teacher training. Fellows will be of the highest calibre and will be selected on the basis of their aptitude, experience and contributions to the profession.
  4. Fellows will remain in the employment of their own education authority, retaining their normal rights, privileges and obligations in relation to their employers. Their salaries will be remitted to them while overseas, with continuing deductions for superannuation contributions and, subject to international taxation agreements, for income tax.
  5. Teachers selected for the Fellowship must be thoroughly worthy representatives of their profession, of their educational authorities, and of their country. They should be prepared to conduct themselves in such a way as to bring honour and credit to the teaching profession and to their nation. Consequently, applicants should be available for interview by representatives of their educational authority and the government as may be arranged.
  6. Fellows will be expected to meet the cost of the fares for the round trip for themselves and their families.
  7. Fellows will be expected to exchange to exchange houses with their counterparts but the responsibility for purchase installments or rent, and the cost of insurance for the house and its contents must continue to be borne by the owner.
  8. It is expected that the houses will be exchanged complete with furnishings, bedding, appliances and facilities ready for immediate use by the visiting family. It is further expected that visitors will maintain the house in good order and condition and should be prepared to make good any damage incurred during their stay.
  9. In both countries arrangements for life insurance and health insurance will be the responsibility of the visiting Fellow.
  10. If an agreement for exchange of vehicles is desired, the selected Fellows must negotiate privately with their counterparts. Exchange of car is not a condition of an I.T.F. award, and is not encouraged by the Education Department.

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Teacher Exchange Application

Specific information (subjects taught, time allotments, etc.), is essential. Avoid the use of abbreviations. Please ensure the following required documentation is submitted. These documents are included in the application package (Adobe Icon 224 KB)

  1. A completed application form
  2. Letter of Reference (2) which should be mailed directly to The Teacher Exchange office
  3. Medical Certificate
  4. Protection of Children Disclosure Form (United Kingdom only)
  5. Pictures of accommodation detailing each room and surrounding property (3 sets of pictures)
  6. Processing fee of $50.00 with your application. Payment can be made by cheque or money order payable to the Minister of Finance or by filling out the Visa or MasterCard Service Request Form included in the application package.

Submit your completed application and all documentation to:

Teacher Exchange Coordinator
P.O. Box 700
402 Main Street N.
Russell MB R0J 1W0

Phone: 1-800-667 -2378 (Manitoba Only) or 1-204-773-2998
Fax: 1-204-773-2411
Email: Manitoba Teacher Exchange

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