Professional Certification

Obtaining employment as a teacher outside of Manitoba prior to certification complete in Manitoba

Statement of Professional Standing Required

If you are applying for teaching positions outside of the province of Manitoba, most provincial/territorial jurisdictions require that you be certified in the province or territory in which you have obtained your teacher training.

To confirm your teaching credentials they may ask for a Statement of Professional Standing to be sent directly from the certifying body. This document is an official letter that indicates the certificate number, the type of certificate held, the academic training received and whether or not your certificate has ever been suspended or revoked. It will also include personal data such as date of birth, previous names and mailing address currently on file.

The Statement of Professional Standing can be requested at the time of applying for certification or after but will not be issued before the Manitoba certification process is complete. A copy of your Statement of Professional Standing will be mailed to you.

You should contact the certifying body of the Province/Territory or Country to find out the complete procedure for obtaining their teaching certificate.

Use this form if application for certification has already been submitted.
Statement of Professional Standing request form
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