Professional Certification

On-line Criminal Records Checks with Vulnerable Sector Screening

You may only use the Winnipeg Police Service (WPS) ePIC system to submit an on-line application for a Police Information Check and Vulnerable Sector Screening if you:

  1. are a resident of Winnipeg
  2. are at least 18 years of age
  3. have lived in Canada for more than one year

To begin your on-line application, go to the Winnipeg Police Service website and choose Perform Personal Police Information Check.

When completing your on-line ePIC application, ensure that you identify all your previous names in addition to your current legal name where applicable. Failure to do so will result in a rejection of the results of your criminal record check for certification purposes.

The on-line application form does not include a category that identifies the purpose of the application as certification with a regulatory body.  For this reason, when you are asked in the on-line application to identify why you are making the application you must select “Employment” as follows:

What are you applying for?

  • Employment

You must also identify which agency you are applying for. Enter:

  • Manitoba Education and Training Professional Certification

When asked to identify your job description for the purpose of the check enter:

  • Kindergarten to Grade 12 Teacher

If you are an Applicant using the e-PIC system to apply for certification as a clinician, identify your job description as a School Clinician accompanied by the discipline area (e.g. Audiology and Speech Language Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Reading, School Psychology, Social Work) as follows:

  • School Clinician – Social Work (Kindergarten to Grade 12)

Please note that the results of an on-line Police Information Check and Vulnerable Sector Screening are returned by Winnipeg Police Services to YOU the applicant. You will receive an automatic email from the e-PIC system when your results are ready for you to view. When you are in this email, click on the link to get into your account. After viewing your results you must click on "SHARE" to forward the results to Manitoba Education and Training Professional Certification.

Previous applicant WPS on-line Police Information Checks (that include a Vulnerable Sector Screening) requested by an applicant for another agency registered with the Winnipeg Police Service that also meets the three-month currency requirement may be accepted at the discretion of the Program Coordinator.  The Professional Certification Unit reserves the right to reject previous e-PIC results not requested for the purpose of teaching.

If you have additional questions about the e-PIC system, please contact the Winnipeg Police Service via email at:

Alternatively, you may contact:

Supervisor Records Compilation
Winnipeg Police Service

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