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For Internationally Educated Teachers

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If you do not have a Bachelor of Education degree or equivalent, please contact a Manitoba University to discuss entry into a Bachelor of Education program. A Bachelor of Education degree or a degree approved by Manitoba Education and Training to be equivalent to a Bachelor of Education is required to be eligible for certification. See Becoming a Teacher for a list of Manitoba universities offering a Bachelor of Education Program.

Overview of the Application Process

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Effective July 1, 2016, Internationally Educated Applicants applying for a teaching certificate in Manitoba must first obtain an assessment of their academic credentials from World Education Services (WES).

You are encouraged to complete a Self-Evaluation Form (Adobe PDF Document 644 KB) to learn about the requirements for certification and to help you decide whether you wish to proceed with an evaluation of your academic credential by WES. Previous teaching experience is not considered in assessing your eligibility for a teaching certificate.

WES is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing accurate and reliable evaluations of academic credentials earned outside Canada. WES is the largest and one of the oldest credential evaluation services in North America.

If the original documents are not in English or French, please visit Translation/Notarization of Documents for more information.

WES Assessment of your Academic Credentials

Make a request to WES for an assessment of your academic credentials.

World Education Services
2 Carlton Street, Suite 1400
Toronto, Ontario M5B 1J3
Telephone: 416-972-0070
Fax: 416-972-9004

  • Select Canada for your evaluation.
  • Select WES Standard Application.
  • Create an account to submit an application
  • Add Manitoba Education and Training (PCU) as a recipient.
  • Select WES ICAP Course-by-Course as the evaluation type for your post-secondary education completed outside of Canada.
  • The cost of the services is $245.00 CAD (Canadian Funds) payable to WES.
  • The WES evaluation will be completed within 7 days of the receipt of your WES application and all required documents.
  • After an evaluation is completed, WES will send a report and copies of your verified transcripts directly to PCU and a copy of the report to you for your records.

WES verifies academic credentials by one of the following methods:

  1. by requiring that official transcripts be sent to WES directly by the institutions or examination bodies that issued them;
  2. by requiring that official transcripts be verified by the relevant government authority (e.g., Ministry of Education) before being sent directly to WES;
  3. by verifying documents submitted by individuals by sending them back to the institution/examination bodies that issued them and obtaining a written confirmation of their authenticity.
Application Process

As a teacher who was certified outside of Canada, you must take the following steps to complete the application process.


Please do not contact the Professional Certification Unit (PCU) to inquire about the status of your application until you receive a notification from PCSRU. This email will include your file ID number and a list of any documents that are missing from your application.

A certification application will remain open for twelve months from the date it is first received.  If all documentation required from the applicant is not provided within twelve months, the application will be closed. There will be no refund of the application fee in this circumstance.

Evaluation of your Application

The Professional Certification Unit (PCU) will evaluate your application once it has received your WES Assessment Report and you have submitted all the required documents. Once the evaluation is complete, you will be advised of one of the following three possible outcomes:

  • You qualify for a Permanent Professional Teaching Certificate
  • You qualify for a Provisional Professional Teaching Certificate (valid for three [3] years)
  • You do not meet the qualifications for a Manitoba certificate
  1. If you qualify for a Permanent Professional Teaching Certificate:
    PCU will mail you a wallet size Permanent Professional Teaching Certificate and a Statement of Qualifications. The Statement of Qualifications is a document that outlines the details of your certification, such as your certificate number and academic qualifications.
  2. If you qualify for a Provisional Professional Teaching Certificate (valid for three [3] years):
    PCU will mail you a wallet size Provisional Professional Teaching Certificate and a list of requirements that you must complete in order to qualify for a Permanent Professional Teaching Certificate. You will also receive a Statement of Qualifications that outlines the details of your certification, such as your certificate number and academic qualifications.

    If you have made an application for certification from outside Canada, you may be eligible for a Statement of Eligibility (SOE) which will be mailed to you.

    Once you obtain a work visa, become a Canadian citizen or achieve landed immigrant status, you may present the SOE to PCSRU. A criminal records check will be required at that time before issuing the certificate cited on the SOE: permanent or provisional professional teaching certificate.

  3. If you do not qualify for a teaching certificate:
    PCU will mail a letter to you that explains the requirements that must be completed in order to become certified. Once you have completed these requirements, please contact PCU regarding your updated information for evaluation.
If you do not agree with the official results of the evaluation of your credentials you may request a review through the Reconsiderations and Appeals process.

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