Professional Certification

Graduates of a Manitoba Bachelor of Education Program

As you near the end of completing your Bachelor of Education program, the next step to becoming a professionally certified teacher in Manitoba is to complete your certification application with the Professional Certification Unit (PCU).

All students are encouraged to submit a completed and signed application form with the required documents by mail to PCU approximately three to four months prior to convocation.

Teaching certificates are issued after convocation when a transcript(s) confirming conferral of Bachelor of Education and undergraduate degrees that meet the academic qualifications for certification are received by PCU directly from the issuing university or universities.

Please note: 

  • When both your undergraduate and B. Ed. degrees have been completed at the same Manitoba university, only one transcript showing conferral of both degrees is required.  It is not necessary to request and submit a separate transcript of your undergraduate degree to PCU prior to requesting a final transcript showing conferral of both degrees. 
  • Previously conferred degree transcripts (i.e. Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, etc.) completed at universities other than the university where the B. Ed. is being completed can be requested and mailed directly to PCU before the B. Ed. degree is conferred. 

Please read the following before completing the application form

Note: All required documents are part of the application and will not be returned to the applicant or forwarded to potential employers.  These documents remain on your file. 

  • Criminal Record Checks must be accompanied by a Vulnerable Sector Screening [also known as a Record Suspension of (Pardoned) Sex Offender Records]. Criminal Record Checks with the Vulnerable Sector Screening are completed at your local Law Enforcement Agency. Only original documents are accepted and must be dated within three months of the date your Teacher Certification Application Form is received. Residents of Winnipeg may submit checks completed using the Winnipeg Police Service On-line Criminal Records Check.
  • A Manitoba Child Abuse Registry Check is also required. Information about the Registry and the application form are available on the Manitoba Child Abuse Registry Check website.

Please refer to the instructions for completing an application on the Teacher Certification Application Form for Manitoba Educated Teachers. This application is found at the link below and identifies all required documents that must accompany your application.

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