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I am in Grade 7 – English Language Arts



Book Reviews

Booked: Reviews
Winnipeg Public Library’s section for teens and tweens contains book reviews, a blog, and an opportunity to submit your own writing!

Short Articles for Kids

Find short articles on a ton of interesting topics.

Follow Character’s Journeys

Google Lit Trips

Map characters’ journeys using Google Earth for the novels suggested here:

Around the World in 80 Days
Bud Not Buddy
Chasing Lincoln’s Killer
Esperanza Rising
Fever 1793
Hana’s Suitcase
Hard Gold
Marching for Freedom
My Brother Sam is Dead

Remote Man
Sugar Changed the World
The Brother’s War: Civil War Voices
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
The Slave Dancer
Journey to Topaz
The Watsons Go to Birmingham – 1963
Walk Two Moons

Creative Writing

Plan Out Writing with a Cube

Cube Creator
Use this Cube Creator to plan out your writing – use their pre-made cubes, or create your own. This can also be used to review a story after you’ve read it.

Create Fractured Fairy Tales

Fractured Fairy Tales
A fractured fairy tale is a story written using classic fairy tale characters or plots, changing them or adding a different twist to create a new tale. This site leads you through the process of creating your own fractured fairy tale.

Create a Hero’s Journey

The Hero’s Journey
Plan out your own hero’s journey, or plot out the journey based on reading you’ve done.

Templates for a Newspaper, Brochure or Flyer

Printing Press
Use the templates in Printing Press to create a newspaper, brochure, or flyer.

Ideas for First Lines, Characters, Story Plots and More

Writing Exercises
Are you stuck for a story idea? This online generator gives you random first lines, character descriptions and plot ideas. There’s just enough to get you started.

Tips on Writing Myths, News Articles and Book Reviews

Writing with Writers
Find advice here on how to write a myth, a news article and a book review. You’ll also find some general tips on creative writing.

Learn New Words

Learn a new word every day!

Online Journaling

Use this site to create a private online diary or journal. You’ll need to create an account.

Creative Writing Tips from Famous Authors

Eric Walters

How an Idea Becomes a Book
Eric Walters writes about how he turns an idea into an entire novel.

Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld Interview: How to Write a Joke
Jerry Seinfeld talks about how he develops his jokes.

J.K. Rowling

Five Great Writing Tips from J.K. Rowling
Writing tips from J.K. Rowling.

Stan Lee

Stan Lee on How to Create a Super-Hero
Stan Lee talks about how to create a super-hero or other super interesting characters.

Stephen King

Stephen King Talks About his Writing Process
Stephen King's writing process.


Create a Found Poetry

Create Your Own Found Poetry
Create your own found poetry using Word Mover.

Learn about Slam Poetry

Become a Slam Poet in Five Steps
This three minute video uses story and poetry to explore how to become a slam poet.

Grammar and Punctuation

These fun videos help explain grammatical concepts in a simple, catchy way.


Schoolhouse Rock: Grammar


Interjections Schoolhouse Rock


A Noun is a Person Place or Thing Schoolhouse Rock


Pronoun Schoolhouse Rock

Subjects and Predicates

Schoolhouse Rock: Subjects and Predicates


Verbs Schoolhouse Rock

Discover, Explore and Design

Interpreting Art

The Elements of Art: Organizing Space Before Perspective
Do you like to draw? Do you like art as a mode of representation? Do you like to use art as a way of demonstrating what you know?
Would you like to know more about the elements of art, and techniques used by famous artists?
This site offers a variety of videos, artistic productions, as well as opportunities to learn through visual demonstrations.

Discover Interesting Facts and Ideas

Smithsonian Education: Idea Labs
Do you have questions about the future? The past? Do you like to discover new ideas and understand old ones?
How would you like to visit the world’s largest museum?
The Smithsonian Institute’s website allows you to explore subjects that interest you through their Idea Labs.

Explore Space

For Students : NASA Websites from A to Z
Are you interested in space travel? Do you have questions only an astronomer can answer?
Do you wonder about the Black Hole? Do you have these types of questions about the Earth or space?
Would you like to produce a podcast featuring NASA footage, video clips or images to be uploaded on a website or social media?

Visit the NASA website! It provides links to tons of websites about space and space exploration.