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I am in Grade 6 – Science



Bernoulliís Principle

How Does a Wing Actually Work?
How airplane wings and sailboat sails work is often explained using Bernoulli’s Principle, but is it correct? Many scientists think there is more to it. This will get you thinking about it, especially if you plan to travel in an airplane or a sailboat. (2:51)

Lift, Drag and the Aerodynamics of Flight

The Aerodynamics of Flight
Airplanes range in size from tiny to gigantic, yet four basic principles of flight apply to all of them. This illustrated flight simulator presentation takes you along for the ride and makes the principles easy to understand. (7:13)


Electrostatics / Electric Force and Charge

Electric Charge and Force: Definition, Repulsion and Attraction
What is electricity? Where does it come from? Why do magnets attract and repel? How do atoms fit in to this? Illustrated answers to these questions will help you understand some difficult concepts. (6:40)

Electrical Circuits

Series and Parallel Electrical Circuits – for Kids
Learn what makes an electrical circuit and how to distinguish between series and parallel circuits. Find out why you might prefer one type of circuit over another for a particular application. (7:16)

Exploring the Solar System

The Planets of the Solar System

Exploring our Solar System: Planets and Space for Kids
Learn some basic facts about our solar system and get to know the names of the planets that rotate around the Sun. (11:54)

Day and Night Cycles on Earth

Day and Night Explanation, Causes
Two animated actors use a globe and a lamp to explain the phenomena of day and night cycles on Earth. (4:45)

The Seasons

Bill Nye Explains Seasons
Bill Nye the Science Guy explains why we have seasons on Earth. (4:45)

Moon Phases

Phases of the Moon – Explanation for Kids
This video explains how the relative positions of the Sun, Moon and Earth determine how much of the Moon we can see from Earth at any particular time. We describe the phenomenon as phases of the Moon. (6:33)

Eclipses of the Moon

NASA – Lunar Eclipse Essentials
This short animated video on lunar eclipses from the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) explains why people on Earth sometimes see what appears to be a temporary disappearance of the Moon. (1:46)

Eclipses of the Sun

Solar Eclipse Educational Video
What are solar eclipses and how often do they occur? They occur more often than most people think, but the chance of seeing one depends on where you live and where you are willing to travel. (5:00)