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I am in Grade 6 – Mathematics



Fractions in Real Life

Exploring Fractions
See how professional chefs use fractions many times a day to make sure the food they cook always tastes just the way we like it. (1:13)

Fractions and Percentages in Real Life

Penguins: Popularity, Peril and Poop
Penguins may be cute and funny, but their numbers can tell us a lot about the health of our Earth and its oceans. (5:23)

Equivalent Fractions; Fractions in Real Life

Solving Equivalent Fraction Problems
Learning to visualize and combine fractions to make whole numbers can help you make sure you have enough materials to succeed with a building project. (3:25)

Converting between Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

Explore the Relationship among Fractions, Decimal Notation and Percentages
Fractions, decimals and percentages are all related. These three quick videos tell you how you can convert back and forth between them all, a useful addition to any mathematics toolbox. (4:34)

Ordering Fractions

Fractions, Mixed Numbers and Decimals on the Number Line
This interactive exercise will help you to understand ordering fractions by placing them on a number line. (N/A)

Understanding Fractions

In this video, you will see pictures represented as fractions using parts of a whole and parts of a group. (N/A)

Patterns and Relations

Patterns and Tables of Values

Name the Rule
Practise adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing on the fly to create a series of rules that win the game and save the day. (N/A)

Patterns and Expressions

Comparing Algorithms: Guess My Rule
Take the challenge. Using as few guesses as you can, try to put together a two-step rule and a pattern that will calculate the given answer. (N/A)

Patterns and Predicting

Exploring Patterns
Play this interactive game by using your knowledge of patterns to predict what comes next. (N/A)

Patterns and Tables of Values

Extending Patterns
This game challenges you to recognize patterns and create rules that you can apply to help you extend patterns. (N/A)

Shape and Space

Area and Perimeter

Exploring Area and Perimeter
Link to this video and interactive web page to see how math can describe area and perimeter and can help us to decide on the best use of land and what may be needed to manage it. (1:19)

Area and Perimeter
In this interactive exercise, you will learn why it is important to be able to calculate the perimeter and area of rooms in a house. (N/A)

Area and Perimeter
Learn how the relationship between the perimeter of a rectangle and its area can change dramatically depending on how you stretch the length or width. Then take what you have learned and apply it to something practical like building a backyard hockey rink. (N/A)

Statistics and Probability

Probability Outcomes

Drawing coloured marbles from a bag, spinning a number dial and flipping a coin are all exercises that will help you learn about determining probability, making predictions, and comparing the theoretical to what actually happens. (N/A)

Probability in the Real World

Exploring Probability and the Monte Carlo Method
Watch this video to learn about the importance of probability in predicting avalanches. By using expertly gathered information, probability can definitely save lives. (1:15)