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I am in Grade 5 – Science


Maintaining a Healthy Body

Body Systems

How the Human Body Works – Kids Animation Learn Series
This animated video for Grade 5 students is recommended for viewing by families as a discussion-stimulating activity. (42:32)

Properties of and Changes in Substances

States of Matter

Bill Nye the Science Guy Phases of Matter
Bill Nye the Science Guy provides an entertaining and informative look at all that matters about matter – solid, liquid and gas. Watch this in one sitting or break it up into eight shorter sessions. (41:17)

Chemical and physical changes

Chemical and Physical Changes
This animation features Mark and Molly, who both want to save some of the water they are drinking for later. Molly puts her glass in the fridge and Mark puts his in the freezer. You get to see what happens. (3:18)

Forces and Simple Machines

Levers, Simple Machines

Pulleys – Simple Machines
Bill Nye provides an informative look at the basics of forces and simple machines. (6:08)


Mechanical Advantage – Pulleys
Ever wonder how a pulley system works to make moving or lifting objects easier? Watch as simple machines are used to demonstrate how to calculate things such as mechanical advantage. (12:27)


Warm and Cold Air Masses

Weather Fronts Song
The “Weather Fronts Song“ is an entertaining way to develop an understanding of how cold and warm weather fronts interact and influence larger weather patterns. (3:06)

Satellite Weather Data

Watchful Eyes: The Role of Geostationary Weather Satellites
Watchful Eyes describes how the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES) system works in weather forecasting.

Cloud Types

Weather 101: A Tutorial on Cloud Types
In a little over five minutes, you can learn plenty about basic cloud types and their formation, shown using time lapse video from the U.S. National Weather Service. (5:05)