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Fractions in Real Life

Exploring Fractions
See how professional chefs use fractions many times a day to make sure the food they cook always tastes just the way we like it. (1:13)

Fractions and Percentages in Real Life

Penguins: Popularity, Peril and Poop
Penguins may be cute and funny, but their numbers can tell us a lot about the health of our Earth and its oceans. (5:23)

Equivalent Fractions

Exploring Fractions
What exactly is an equivalent fraction? This visual app will help you understand why some fractions that look different mean the same thing. (N/A)

Visualizing Equivalent Fractions
It’s easy to learn about making equivalent fractions if you represent them with a diagram. (3:52)

Equivalent Fraction Word Problem: Example 1
Here’s a word problem about equivalent fractions. Watch the video to see how a simple diagram allows you to solve the problem. (4:00)

Equivalent Fraction Word Problem: Example 2
Two diagrams of the same size have different numbers of sections. Here’s how to solve a word problem by using equivalent fractions and illustrating them visually. (2:00)

Equivalent Fraction Word Problem: Example 3
In this problem, one diagram is compared to four others using equivalent fractions to find which of the four is the same. (4:13)

Comparing Fractions

Comparing Fractions with the “Greater than” or “Less than” Symbols
Fractions have a top number and a bottom number. Learn what the numbers mean and how to compare different fractions to each other. (5:18)

Comparing Fractions with Like Numerators and Denominators
Compare fractions with the same top numbers, and compare fractions with the same bottom numbers. Learn about a special symbol that shows whether one fraction is smaller or larger than the other. (4:47)

Comparing Fractions
Compare fractions with different top numbers called numerators and different bottom numbers called denominators. The results might surprise you. (2:29)

Equivalent Fractions; Fractions in Real Life

Solving Equivalent Fraction Problems
Learning to visualize and combine fractions to make whole numbers can help you to make sure you have enough materials to succeed with a building project. (3:25)

Converting between Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

Explore the Relationship among Fractions, Decimal Notation and Percentages
Fractions, decimals and percentages are all related. These three quick videos tell you how you can convert back and forth between them all, a useful addition to any mathematics toolbox. (4:34)

Ordering Fractions

Fractions, Mixed Numbers, and Decimals on the Number Line
This interactive exercise will help you to understand ordering fractions by placing them on a number line. (N/A)

Plotting Fractions on a Number Line

Plotting Basic Fractions on the Number Line
Plotting fractions on a number line is a simple and fun way to understand fractions in visual terms and to learn how to work with them. (3:52)

Patterns and Relations

Increasing Patterns

Finding Patterns to Make Predictions
Build a staircase by placing squares in the grid and see if you can discover a formula to predict how many blocks will be needed for any size of staircase you build. (N/A)

Patterns and Predicting

Exploring Patterns
Play this interactive game by using your knowledge of patterns to predict what comes next.(N/A)

Shape and Space

Surface Area and Volume in the Real World

Exploring Surface Area and Volume
If you’ve ever wondered how the math that describes surface area and volume is used in real-world situations, this video and interactive website provides some fun examples. (1:09)

Area and Perimeter
Learn how the relationship between the perimeter of a rectangle and its area can change dramatically depending on how you stretch the length or width. Then take what you have learned and apply it to something practical like building a backyard hockey rink. (N/A)

Perimeter and Area

Relating Area and Perimeter
Use this exercise to become comfortable with the idea that the perimeter and the area of a rectangle are related, but changing one of them does not always affect the other the way you might think. (N/A)

Statistics and Probability

Language of Probability

Use this exercise to become comfortable with the idea that the perimeter and the area of a rectangle are related, but changing one of them does not always affect the other the way you might think. (N/A)

Probability in the Real World

Exploring Probability and the Monte Carlo Method
Watch this video to learn about the importance of probability in predicting avalanches. By using expertly gathered information, probability can definitely save lives. (1:15)