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Call for Teacher Nominees

Selection Criteria

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The following attributes are desirable in learning resources Teacher Evaluators and will be considered in the team member selection.

Teacher Evaluators will:

  • demonstrate knowledge of best practices in the teaching of their curricular expertice and experience in the integration of these areas into teaching practice.
  • be exemplary teachers with a minimum of five years experience teaching in the grade range specified.
  • be acquainted with the curricula
  • be prepared to keep all evaluation information and results confidential, as results will be released only through appropriate channels (Note: Selected Teacher Evaluators must sign a declaration of confidentiality.)
  • have no ties with any publisher, producer, or distributor, or have written or piloted materials for publishers that may be submitted, or have any immediate family member that has current connections with, or has worked with, any publisher in the last year; that is, evaluators must not be in a position of conflict of interest.
  • be representative of the diversity in our schools (for example, Aboriginal, gender balance, urban/rural, large school/small school, inner city, geographical/regional, experience with at risk and struggling learners).
  • be able to work collaboratively in groups with very tight timelines.
  • be facile with technology.
  • have access to Go To Meeting in or near the school.