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Call for Teacher Nominees

Continuous Learning Resources Reviews

Students ReadingManitoba Education and Training is looking for teachers to be part of our new Continuous Learning Resources Review Process. Teachers nominated by their Superintendents and chosen under a selection criterion will work with the Department to create vetted lists of provincially recommended texts and other resources. They will evaluate learning resources within a variety of curricular areas over a period of two years.The outcome will be a current list of quality "Recommended" learning resources that will be available through the Manitoba Text Book Bureau.

We are asking Superintendents from all School Divisions to nominate up to two Master Teachers from each of the curricular domains listed below to the Learning Resources Unit of Manitoba Education and Training. Teachers selected from these lists will become Evaluators and are required to attend a one-day training session at our Winnipeg office. The selection of Evaluators will be based on skill sets, experience, and geographical representation. Teacher Evaluators will be granted release time for up to four reviews per year, lasting two days each, spanning the two years. All expenses will be covered by Manitoba Education and Training at current Manitoba government rates.

In each Review, teacher teams will use prescribed evaluation criteria to vet resources for use by students and teachers in the classroom. The resources may be electronic in format, and therefore teachers should be competent with current technology. Reviews may take place in a virtual meeting environment. Teachers will be trained to conduct virtual meetings and will need to have access to a browser, a headset with microphone, and a webcam, in their school division.

This is a valued professional development opportunity for teachers seeking training and information regarding learning resources and their relevance to curriculum correlations, instructional design, social consideration, and technical design.

Teachers interested in applying for this opportunity are asked to discuss this with their Principal or Superintendent. The Superintendent may designate two nominees per curricular area and return the Nomination Form (adobe 37 KB) to Donna Passey.