Learning Resources

Manitoba Calls

Calls for learning resources are requests to publishers, producers and distributors for the submission of learning resources to support new and revised Manitoba curricula.

Call for Learning Resources – Human Ecology

Call for Learning Resources – Mathematics

Call for Learning Resources – Science

Call for Learning Resources – Applied Commerce Education

Call for Learning Resources – Canadian Law

Call for Learning Resources – Esthetics

Call for Learning Resources – Hairstyling

Call for Learning Resources – Continuous Resources Review

Time Specific

Manitoba calls for learning resources are time specific. The purpose of time specific calls is to establish a collection of Manitoba Recommended learning resources for new and revised curricula. The schedule of time specific calls is linked to the curricula renewal/revision process for Manitoba Education and Training.

Submission forms, guidelines and requirements are detailed in time specific call(s) for learning resources. Time specific calls for learning Resources are posted as required.

New Editions Submission

The purpose of the new editions submission process is to update Manitoba Recommended learning resource collections already established for existing, new, and revised curricula. The New Editions Submission process complements time specific calls for learning resources by refreshing the learning resources collections on an ongoing basis. Learning resources submitted through new editions submission will be evaluated as time permits. Allow up to 6 to 8 months for notification of results.


The following new editions submission categories of learning resources will be accepted for review for all subject areas with the exception of English Language Arts — Kindergarten to Grade 12 and Mathematics — Kindergarten to Grade 12:

  • New Editions of Manitoba Recommended Learning Resources
  • New components of Manitoba Recommended Multi-Component Learning Resources

New Editions submission procedures to follow are:

  • For each learning resource developed specifically to address Manitoba curricula complete a Resource Submission Form (Adobe Icon 98 KB)


Learning resources accepted for review under new editions submission must comply with the following criteria:

  • Non-print resources must be in contemporary and widely used formats.
  • Learning resources all must be available for a minimum of 5 years after listing as a Manitoba Recommended learning resource.
  • Stand-alone (single) video will be NOT be accepted for review.
  • Only student resources accompanied by a teacher resource will be considered for review.
  • Stand-alone fiction resources will NOT be accepted for review.
  • Only resources in final form will be accepted for review.
  • Include 3 copies of each resource for submission.
  • Novels, plays, picture books are not reviewed. These are reviewed by local divisions.

Customs and Shipping

If you are shipping from outside Canada, in order to expedite Customs clearance, you are requested to:

  • Attach a customs declaration to the outside of the package
  • Include a description of the goods, their value and a statement indicating that the materials are for education/evaluation purposes only
  • Indicate that UPS Supply Chain Solutions is the customs broker for Manitoba Education and Training.
  • Send the learning resource(s) with the completed forms to:

Learning Resources Unit
Manitoba Education and Training
Instruction, Curriculum and Assessment Branch
1567 Dublin Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3E 3J5

Submission Terms

Manitoba Education and Training has the right of refusal based on lack of need or lack of fit with Manitoba criteria for learning resources submissions.

Manitoba Education and Training will not purchase resources being considered for Manitoba Recommended designation. If designated as Manitoba Recommended, the Department will retain the evaluation copies submitted for the Department’s Instructional Resources Unit Library and for a field set for the subject consultant for use with Manitoba teachers. Learning resources selected as Manitoba Recommended will be listed in the Manitoba Text Book Bureau Catalogue and in annotated bibliographies accessible to all Manitoba schools.

Time specific calls for learning resources and the new editions submission process for learning resources do not constitute an offer to contract. Therefore, there is no requirement for Manitoba Education and Training to accept any resources submitted which do not meet the evaluation criteria. Manitoba Education and Training reserves the right to manage the learning resource selection process in a way that is fiscally responsible.